Seminar Hall

Fully Equipped Seminar Hall of  Department of Economics

The first two years of study enables the students to equip with the basic knowledge in General English and One Language other than English and also the initial theoretical and practical framework of Microeconomics, Modern Bankin

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Computer Science Lab

A well equiped computer lab with 60 computers equipped with LCD / over head projector.

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 Students have the unique opportunity to engage in a range of scientific research as both P.G and U.G Laboratories are well equipped and spacious.

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Digital Library

There is a collection of E-books in the Department. Where a student can access and copy the E-book.

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Biotechnology Lab

Fully equipped laboratory for conducting UG programme in Biotechnology. Equipments available in Biotechnology Lab were listed below.

  1. Laminar Air Flow
  2. Plant Tissue culture Facility
  3. Autoclave
  4. Centrifuge
  5. Waterbath
  6. Microbalance
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ICT Enabled Class Room

The phenomenal growth of communication technology, computer networks and information technology and their integration offers unprecedented opportunities for teaching and learning. The Information Communication Technology (ICT) has the potential to transform the nature and process of teaching and

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