IT Club aims to sharpen the ideas and expertise of the campus in various fields of information technology. The main objective of the club is total IT literacy. Moreover, the club aims to horn the IT skills of students which will be beneficial for them in their studies and career. With this project in mind, the club is actively involved with many IT related activities.

The major projects envisioned and realized are:

  • IT literacy survey on the campus
  • Spotting IT illiterate and non-expert students
  • Drafting of projects to literate the IT illiterates
  • Drafting of projects to offer expert training to the interested
  • Chalking out plans to encourage and motivate excellent students
  • Preparation of curricula, drafting of syllabi, offering training, evaluation of progress and issuing of certificates

Ms. Haulath K (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science) is the coordinator of the I T Club.