Nature Club

Nature clubs are initiatives towards pitching conservation efforts at societal level, which would have direct bearings upon decisions that we make as individuals, in the interest of the environment of which we all form different parts. The Nature Club successfully specializes in helping youngsters of our college to take the first step towards conservation of Nature – Awareness.

Objectives of Nature Club:

  • To provide opportunities to acquire attitudes, values and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment
  • To promote interest and knowledge about wildlife, forests and the environment among us
  • To foster concern to protect the fauna and flora and undisturbed examples of the state's natural heritage
  • To increase awareness of the economic, cultural, scientific and aesthetic values of fauna and flora

The club enroll student for members and make group of same interest for awareness program. The recent activities of the club include planting and nurturing of about trees and medicinal plants on the campus, labeling of plants etc. The club has also arranged Nature trips & Nature camps, Nature Treks & Trails, and various Nature Awareness programs.

Mr. Muhammad Nizar T.V; Assistant Professor, Department of Economics is the Co-ordinator of the Nature Club