Debating Society

debating is regarded as an educational tool for developing students' analytical and communication skills. Since debating is largely about developing arguments that are stronger than the arguments of the other side of the debating. But it’s not just the quality of the argument; it’s also the delivery, i.e. being able to present your argument in an understandable way. In that sense, debating is an excellent way of practicing public speaking skills. In addition, debating is interactive both because there is a possibility to ask questions during a speech and because the speeches themselves should always relate to the other speeches of the debating. Hence, developing communication skills in general is possible. The language of debating is English, which for most of us is not the first language, and using one’s language skills in such a dynamic way is sure to improve them. It’s also very important to remember the improvement one can notice in thinking skills after debating for time. Because people will often have to debating against their own personal opinions, debating inevitably improves critical thinking skills. One has to be able to question one’s own opinions and see many different points of view to an issue. Also, because the preparation time for the debating is very short, only 15 minutes, and one might be asked unexpected questions during the debating, one also learns to think fast, and think well.

Mr.Lalith. S, Assistant Professor, Department of English is the Co-ordinator of Debating Society