Designation : Assistant Professor
Contact : Email : Prof.abdulrasheed@outlook.com
Qualification : MA, B. Ed, M. Phil, M. Sc (Psychology), MBA, PhD (Doing)
Teaching Experience : 7 Years
Research : Doctoral Research in progress on ‘Epistemology of Interactions: The Space of TA and NLP in ELT’ from the University of Calicut.

A full time M. Phil degree on the Evolution of Thematic Concerns of Anita Desai with special reference to her works from 1960s to 2000 from the Research Department of English, AMU, Chidambaram.

Minor Research Project funded by UGC on “Hurdles and Solutions in English Language Acquisition of College and Higher Secondary Students from Eranad Taluk

Papers presented : ‘Speed Reading and Its Techniques” held at the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Perspectives on the Teaching of Readings Skills and Spoken English”, at Annamalai University, Chidambaram, on December 14, 2007.

‘Importance of Heroines in the Novels of Anita Desai’ at the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “The Feminist Writers in Indian Literature” held at Annamalai University, Chidambaram, on 22nd April, 2008.

“A Cross cultural Reading of Anita Desai’s ‘Zigzag way: A Novel” at the APSCHE and UGC Sponsored International Seminar on “Teaching Literatures in English for Cross-cultural Communications” at Dravidian University, Kuppam on 8-10 August 2011.

‘Malabar Psyche in the Novels of Anita Nair’ in the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “The Malabar Rebellion: A Reappraisal conducted by Department of West Asian Studies, EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty on14-15 February 2012.

‘Cultural Dialectics of 21st Century India: A Case study Based on Adiga’s White Tiger and Manu Joseph’s Serious Men”at the National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Literary Theory” at EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty on 21st and 22nd February, 2012.

‘International Scenario of Changing Trends in the Evaluation of English in ELT Environments’ at International Seminar on “A Revisit to Indian Education: Evaluation Innovation and Internationalisation” organized by IFELT on 18th March 2014.

Seminars or Workshops attended : National Seminar on ‘Literary Theory’ organized by Postgraduate Department of English, Unity Womens College, Manjeri, on 15-16 March 2004.

National Seminar on ‘Postcolonial Literatures’ organized by Postgraduate Department of English, MEASS College Areacode, on 5th October 2004.

All India Conference of Lingusits organized by Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistincs, Annamalai University, Linguistic Society of India and Central Institute of Indian Languages at Annamalai University on 12-14th December 2007.

National Seminar cum Workshop on ‘Restructuring Undergraduate Curriculum’ organized by UGC, Kerala State Higher Education Council at University of Calicut on August 25-28, 2008.

Two Day UGC National Workshop on ‘Innovative Strategies in English Teaching’ Organised by The District Panchayath and EMEA College at Malappuram on 18-19 Dec 2008.

One Day National Seminar on ‘the post modern’ orgnised by MEASS College Areacode on 15th Oct 2008.

National Seminar on ‘Imagining Cultures Beyond Disciplines: Cultural Studies in India’ organized by Institute of English, University of Kerala, Trivandrum on 19- 20th March 2009.

One Day Workshop on Research Methodology organized by Amal Centre for Research and Publications on 27th March 2010.

Three Day Training Programme on ‘General Informatics’ Organised by Kerala State Higher Education Council and NSS College Manjeri, on 01-03 January 2010.

Two day National Level Workshop on ‘Literature of the Marginalised: Theory, Issues and Relevance” organized by UGC and Farook College on 24-25 March, 2010.

Two Day University Level Orientation Programme for Young College Teachers Organised by UGC and the council of Principals of colleges in Kerala on 12th and 13th February 2011.

Two Day National Seminar on Computer Graphics and Animation organized by Dept of Computer Science, EMEA College Kondotty on 18th and 19th January, 2012.

International Teacher Educators Conference on ‘English Language Teacher Education in a Diverse Environment’’ Organised by the British Council and EFLU at Hyderabad on 16-18 March 2013.

Four Day Train the trainer Workshop of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme of Higher Education Department, Govt. of Kerala from 05-04-13 to 08-04-13 at Rani Maria Centre, Thiruvananthapuram.

UGC-Sponsored Orienatation Programme at Academic Staff College, Calicut from 15.01.2014 to 11.02.2014.

Four Day Transformational Training of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme forSDEs by Higher Education Department, Govt. of Kerala from 22-04-2014 to 26-04-2014 at Hosanna Mount, Kottayam.

Admin. Positions : Co-ordinator, reception committee, 12th Kerala State Mini Volleyball Championships, held at EMEA College from 8th to 10th of October, 2008.

Co-ordinator of the University Level Media Orientation Programme conducted by Department of Journalism at EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty from 20th to 23rd January, 2009.

Convener, 43rd Calicut University Athletic Meet for Men and Women, held at EMEA College on Nov 30- Dec1 and 2, 2011.

Co-ordinator, 16th Kerala State Mini Volley Ball Championships held at EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty, from 7th to 9th Dec, 2012.

Co-ordinator, UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Human Rights, organized by Dept. of English, EMEA College, Kondotty, 29-30 February, 2012.

Camp Co-ordinator, NCC National Integration Camp(NIC), hosted by 29 Kerala Battalion under the aupices of NCC Directorate Kerala and Lakshadweep from 20th December to 31st December, 2013.

Staff Editor, College Magazine, 2008, EMEA College of Arts and Scinece, Kondotty.

Co-ordiantor, Debating Society, 2008, EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty.

Fine Arts Director, 2010, Amal College of Advanced Studies, Nilambur.

Staff Editor, College Magazine 2011.

Coordinator, Nature Club, EMEA College, 2011.

Member Anti-Ragging Squad, 2011-2014, EMEA College of Arts and Science,Kondotty.

Editor, College Annual News Bulletin, 2012-13, EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty.

Staff Editor, College Magazine, 2013, EMEA College of Arts and Science,Kondotty.

Director, Students Advisory Scheme, 2013.

Director, UGC Centre for Remedial Coaching, 2011-13.

Director, Students Counselling Centre, 2011-14

Co-ordinator, ASAP 21st Residential Camp at EMEA College, 2013.

NAAC Steering Committee Member

Convener, Documentation Committee for NAAC Re-accreditation .

Staff Advisor, 2014, EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty.

Associate NCC Officer of EMEA College of Arts and Science

Co-ordinator for Revision of Syllabus(CBCSS) of BA Functional English,University of Calicut, 2014.

Memberships : Member, Board of Studies for Functional English, University of Calicut.

Past LOM President and Member, Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Extension Programmes :
Master Trainer SECC Survey, Govt, of Kerala, 2011.

Master Trainer, ASAP, Govt. of Kerala, 2013-14.

Skill Development Executive, ASAP, Dept. of Higher Education, Govt of Kerala

Other details : Extension Lectures Delivered :

A lecture on ’A Glance at Cultural Studies’ at the Department of English, MES College, Mampad on 21st September 2009.

A Lecture on ‘Major Issues in Translation’ at post graduate department of English,nity Womens College, Manjery on 11th February 2010.

A Lecture on ‘Communication Skills in English’ at the department of English Khidmath Arts and Science College, Thirunavaya on 9th January 2012.

A Lecture on “Literary Theory” at the department of comparative Literature at Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod on 03-08 May, 2012.

A Lecture on “ 21st Century Indian English Fiction” at the Department of English at Bafakhy Yatheem Khana Arts and Science College for Women on 25th March 2014.