Under graduate degree,
Under graduate degree, students must accumulate 120 credit during the six Semesters of the programme.. The first two years of study enables the students to equip with the basic knowledge in General English and One Language other than English and also the initial theoretical and practical framework of Microeconomics, Modern Banking and Insurance and Quantitative Methods for Economic analysis. It also provides Basic information about Modern India’s History and Indian Constitution and Political Science.
Anti-Ragging Affid
Anti Ragging Affidavits online. Each student ( senior or junior, undergraduate or postgraduate) must submit an undertaking/Affidavit to his/her college at the time of his/her registration each year. T
Department of Biot
The department of Biotechnology will carry out research on Plant Hoppers in Indian paddy fields in association with  Zijingang University's institute of insects studies in China. Dr. K. Masho
PTA General Body
PTA General Body meeting at 2:30 PM on 27-09-2019, Friday.