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EMEA College of Arts and Science was an ambitious effort made by social leaders like Sayyid Mohamed Ali Shihab Thangal, Jb. P. Seethi Haji Sahib, Jb. Auvkader Kutty Naha Sahib, Jb. N.V. Ibrahim Master, etc.for bringing the educationally deprived youth (especially of Malabar) into the main stream of the society by providing full-fledged education. The college is committed to this cause and strives to produce exemplary standards in academics.

After 32 years, from the humble inception of the College in 1982, EMEA has become a brand name of credibility and reputation with impressive and outstanding career record by the hard work of its Principals, students, teaching and non-teaching staff and management. For the last few years, our growth was phenomenal in all aspects.

The beautiful campus, gifted by the natural greenery and beauty and with the nearby aerodrome spread over sprawling 26 acres, is a conducive and congenial environment for academic pursuits. We are all set to arrange an all-inclusive infrastructure to equip all kinds of academic needs.

We are very particular in providing education to women, especially those from Muslim community hailing from this area, as they are denied education and caught in the web of conventional prejudices. In no uncertain terms, we provide them with full security and safety for their education. The College has a well-furnished hostel for girls.

Currently, the college offers more than 16 programmes, including five postgraduate programmes and a Ph.D. programme. Our students have performed well in their examinations and bagged many ranks and their inroads in securing ranks still continue. Our students have got placed in many prestigious institutions and companies.

We have fully committed, completely dedicated, and constantly improving faculties. Most members of these faculties have involved themselves in research programmes.

Our college sports teams have brought laurels to the campus winning a number of prestigious championships. We are keen to provide quality education and also give due importance to co- curricular activities and sports.

Being a temple of learning, EMEA helps students acquire their aspirations by instigating good culture, discipline, respect and responsibility and shape them to withstand the demands of contemporary world.

Dr. C.P Ayoob Keyi


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Phone : 0483 271 3530, 9447108960