The purpose of the OSA of EMEA is to actively support the mission and educational objectives of the EMEA College and to maintain a relationship withits alumni.The Old Students’ Association operates as a charitable, benevolent and phil-anthropic institution and does not Operate for profit or pecuniary gain. The first mega OSAMEA meet conducted in 2017 was a stunning success. Aims and Objectives The aims and objectives of the EMEA College Old Students’ Association is to encourage alumni to maintain links with the College and with each other, in order: to promote more effectively the welfare and interests of the College and its alumni. To support the College’s aims and objectives and uphold its reputation as ambassadors of the College. To participate in activities contributing to improvement of infrastructure & academic activities of the EMEA College. To institute prizes and scholarships to students for merit and financial aid to the poor and deserving students of the EMEA College. Help identify those alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their profession and/or society. To establish mutually beneficial relation-ship between the College and its alumni and to bind the alumni more closely together. To assist in developing financial and other resources for the College and the Old Students’ Association.
OSAEMEA Activities

V.P Abdul Saleem
Mr. V.P Abdul Saleem
General Secretary
Basheer Tottiyan
. Basheer Tottiyan