Former Principal

T.P. Mohammed Kunhi M.A.(Late)
Prof. T.P. Mohammed Kunhi M.A.(Late)

Principal from 1-11-1982 to 31-10-1985

 K.Mohammed Musthafa. M.A.
Mr. K.Mohammed Musthafa. M.A.

Lecturer in Charge from 1-11-1985 to 7-1-1986 & 19-11-1998 to 28-2-1999

P.A.Ali Kunju. M.A.
Prof. P.A.Ali Kunju. M.A.

Principal from 8-1-1986 to 7-1-1991

Abdul Latheef. M.Sc.,M.PEd.,Ph.D.
Dr. Abdul Latheef. M.Sc.,M.PEd.,Ph.D.

Principal from 08-01-1991 to 18-11-1998

T.P.Ahammed M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. T.P.Ahammed M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Ph.D.

Principal from 1-3-1999 to 31-5-2006

N.V.Suhadu M.A. M.Phil.
Mrs. N.V.Suhadu M.A. M.Phil.

Principal from 1-6-2006 to 31-3-2007

K.Kunhi Mohammed M.A.
Mr. K.Kunhi Mohammed M.A.

Lecturer in Charge from 1-04-2007 to 31-08-2007 & Principal from 01-05-2012 to 30-06-2013

Abdul Hameed K. MA, MPhil, PhD
Dr. Abdul Hameed K. MA, MPhil, PhD

Principal from 01-09-2007 to 30-04-2012

Mohamed Ashref. M
Mr. Mohamed Ashref. M

Professor- in-Charge from 01-07-2013 to 31-10-2013

Mohammed Rafeequ A.P.M
Dr. Mohammed Rafeequ A.P.M

Principal from 01-11-2013 to 27-07-2015

Mohammed Palengara M.Sc
Dr. Mohammed Palengara M.Sc

Principal from 28-07-2015 to 31-05-2016

Abdulla M.P M.A,B.Ed,M.Phil,Ph.D.
Dr. Abdulla M.P M.A,B.Ed,M.Phil,Ph.D.

Principal from 01-06-2016 to 31-05-2018

C.P. Ayoob Keyi
Dr. C.P. Ayoob Keyi

Principal from 01-06-2018 to 30-04-2021

Ibrahim Cholakkal MA, BEd, MPhil, PhD
Dr. Ibrahim Cholakkal MA, BEd, MPhil, PhD

Principal In-Charge from 01.05.2021 to 30.10.2021