B.Voc Logistics Management


The Department of Logistics Management is one of the newest Department of the college started in the year of 2020. It comes under B.Voc Sector.Logistics management is a part of Supply Chain Management. This discipline deals with planning, implementing and controlling the efficient flow (forward and backward) and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption (customer).

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  • Induction Programme

    The BVOC Department of Logistics Management & Accounting and Taxation, EMEA College of Arts and
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Empower the new generation and the industry of logistics being the most sought after innovative hub in the training and researching of supply chain management industry.

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To carve able and well-equipped professionals who can steer up the most meticulous aspects in logistics and to bring about innovative and updated strategies and methodologies in the learning and teaching of the logistics discipline which would cater to the needs of the industry and academics.

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