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EMEA College of arts and science is situated in a rural area with majority of members in the society belongs to minority and backward classes. The college has different courses in which computer science stands in the apex, leading the locale in educating the society in technology and stands as torch bearers for the people who are unaware of the latest advancement in the field of computer science.

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  • Build From Home(BFH) is an initiative of TinkerHub

    Build From Home(BFH)  is an initiative of TinkerHub. The task assigned was to build a protect w
    6/3/2021 | Read More

  • International Webinar on "Technology Trends and Employability Skills”

    The Department of Computer Science and IT Club, EMEA College of Arts and Science,  Kondotti is
    12/15/2020 | Read More

  • National Seminar on Visual Effects on December 2019

    11/1/2019 | Read More

  • Vth semester University Examinations will be started on 13th November 2019

    11/1/2019 | Read More

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Our vision is to nurture excellent individuals for the country, provide employability and motivate them to become good entrepreneurs and make a meaningful participation in accelerating India’s economy by gaining appropriate employment and creating appropriate knowledge.

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Being part of the society who is responsible for the uplifting of people in education as well as providing career opportunities and assistance in career advancements, B.Sc Computer science degree has a great role since IT industry is the latest and fast growing area in this era that provides tremendous job opportunities in the coming years. We expect an exceptionally good result by equipping th Read More