Student Support Schemes

  • About Student Support
  • Advisory Scheme
  • Scholar Support Programme (SSP)
  • Additional Skill Acquition Programme (ASAP)
  • Students Aid Fund
  • Counselling Centre
  • Career Guidance and Placement Cell
  • Equal Opportunity Centre (EOC)
  • Walk With a Scholar Programme (WWS)
  • NPTEL Local Chapter
  • Prizes and Awards for Academic Excellence
  • Student Mentoring
About Student Support

Principal as Chairperson and three other members including ad-visors to review the implementation of various schemes and programmes for the betterment of the students.Student Support (Re)defined aims to understand how community colleges can feasibly deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students.The provision of student support services including personal and financial counselling, careers guidance and support for students with disabilities is an established part of the support available to students in all higher education institutions (HEIs),The increasing diversity of students entering HEIs has resulted in additional support being made available to support the academic and personal development of students, including study skills to support academic writing skills and subject specific support to address gaps in subject knowledge and understanding. This support contributes to the quality of the students’ learning experience and to their educational achievement.